Adventures on Assignment

We're each have our own reasons for traveling as a social worker.  For me, the travel aspect is one of the most important.  Traveling has shown me my strength as an individual.  I've driven across the country several times.  I try to immerse myself in the culture, and best of all, no week is routine.

My first assignment was in San Jose, California.  I drove from Chicago to San Jose in 4 days.  Having grown up in Southern California, the road trips we did were from Southern to Northern California, or from Southern California to Salt Lake City.  We always powered through in an effort to get somewhere.  And while the goal was to end up on my assignment, I took my time on this journey for a couple reasons:  1)  I could; 2) I was driving with my cat; 3) it was an opportunity to stop and see some silly sights.

Now, if I take a road trip, I generally consult Roadside America to see what fun things are on the way.  Here are a smattering of pics from my last several years on assignments.


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