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Filing Unemployment

Things are really uncertain right now and I know some folks – nurses, PT, OT, and social workers are having their contracts canceled right now.   For many of you, this might be your first time questioning whether or not you should file unemployment. The truth is, as a contractor, you can file unemployment following the completion of each contract under the category of “Lack of Work.”   However, during this COVID Crisis, if your contract is canceled, there may be a different category you can file under, but this is going to change from state to state. The unemployment lookback period is generally 1.5 year or 18 months.   This means that if you just were canceled from a contract in North Carolina where you were for 2 months, but you worked for 6 months in the last 18 months in Florida, and that was your longest work period in those 18 months, you would actually file your unemployment claim in Florida. I always suggest filing the day after your last day of work.   Regardl