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How do I become a travel social worker when my background is only mental health?

I think we can all agree that social work is a broad field, right?  And most social work skills are very transferable from one setting to another.  Mental Health care to medical care can be a rough transition, though.  Here are some of my thoughts on why: 1)       Modern day acute medical care is not set up for long-term planning, in-depth interventions, and rapport building.  It’s set up to move people to a lower level of care as quickly and safely as possible.  This means it has become more difficult to do good quality planning for long-range outcomes in an acute care setting.  So the skills that you have gained doing individual and family therapy in an outpatient or even an inpatient behavioral health hospital are less likely to transfer to modern day medical inpatient social work.  I think an exception here would be your skills working a psych ED – and this is because the goal of a psych ED is to assess quickly and move to the next level of care, whether that’s in the behav