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 Hello friends - it's been a hot minute.  I hope that everyone is doing well during this ongoing pandemic.  I wanted to update information about agencies.  This pops up every once in a while where people will ask for specific recruiter information.  I always try to pre-screen candidates just to get to know their background a little better.  I'm not going to send someone to my prized recruiters if their backgrounds/jobs don't match each other.  It's a waste of everyone's time.  

There are also a lot more agencies on the market right now who are staffing for social workers.  The ones newer to the game may not be able to provide the same level of advocacy or benefits, so buyer be ware!

But here's what I've got right now:

  • If you have behavioral health outpatient or inpatient experience, I'd look at the AMN companies, which include MedTravelers and Club Staffing.  If you want someone specific, send me a message in the comments.  I have recruiters at both companies
  • If you have behavioral health outpatient counseling experience or are interested in working with the military, I'd look at Magellan.  I can suggest Elizabeth Joseph.
  • If you have case management experience, I'd look at AMN Revenue Cycle Solutions, formerly MedPartners.  They definitely require case management experience and send you through testing before onboarding you to make sure you understand Medicare guidelines.  I can recommend Diane Darrell - contact me for her email address!
  • For Medical Case Management positions:
  • If you have medical social work/non-case management oriented - hospital, hospice, home health, sometimes school, occasionally substance abuse counseling, look at  
If you want names, please feel free to comment and tell me a little about your background.  Are you:
  • A hospital social worker - doing:
    • AHCD
    • LTC Placement
    • Homeless placement
    • ED social work
  • A hospital discharge planner doing:
    • Medical case management
    • SNF placements
    • LTAC and inpatient rehab placements
    • Discharge Planning
    • Familiar with IMM, Moon, HINN, etc
  • A SNF social worker
  • An outpatient social worker
  • A Behavioral health social worker


  1. Brittney. ED (psychiatric, adult and Pediatric) social work

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  3. Caitlin--outpatient social worker open to exploring hospital social work, Would love to pick your brain if you are able to email me!! Thank you!!

  4. Wondering what my first step should be or how to get my name and resume out there for traveling SW, however I only have my BSW.. and my primary work has been in SNFs? Do I need to become licensed? All information welcomed and appreciated !

  5. medical social worker-case management (d/c planing, snf,LTAC, Rehab,) Also specialized in transplant for heart, lung, kidney, and VAD)

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  7. I'm joyce and I come from India. Here in india, till now no social worker has a license or gets one. Im currently doing my MSW and in a year I will be a post-graduate. I want to get a job anywhere out of India. Please help me!

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  11. This is so interesting. What do you do about the social work license? Are you licensed in multiple states? Do all companies provide lodging? I'd love to talk to someone about this. I had a message today from a recruiter but I feel like I don't know enough about being a traveling social worker to even have an informed discussion about it. And what about health care? That would probably be my biggest concern. It sounds amazing though!!!

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  14. Thank you so much for this info. I am looking specifically in Boston and I am the non-case management medical social worker type with a passion for hospice and palliative along with experience in ED, psych inpatient, and outpatient counseling. I've also done alot of work in SNFs which I would be open to. Thanks.

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