At the beginning of the week, towards the end of the day Eastern Time, an email was sent out to welcome the MedPartners Consultants to AMN.  The email was unexpected and might even been thought of as a mistake, as many MedPartners consultants have worked for AMN and are already part of their network.

The email announced a merge of MedPartners into the AMN family, which includes Club Staffing, MedTravelers, American Mobile (which merged with AMN while I was on assignment in Hawaii), Nurses Rx, Nurses Choice...the list goes on and on.  While not particularly surprising - it's my understanding they've been hunting down MedPartners since inception, it feels a little unsettling.

I'm open to seeing how this all plays out.  There are some major differences in how AMN pays and benefits its employees vs how MedPartners does business with its employees.  But all of those things will be hashed out in the months to come, I'm sure.  I've heard that the owners of MedPartners still have say in how things are going to go during this transition process.

From coast to coast, this news has caused some travelers on assignment a little bit of anxiety.  I think once the initial surprise of the news wears off, the dust settles, etc., we'll be able to know and fully understand the impact this will have on our choices in the future.  If anyone knows a traveler with American Mobile that was around during the transition, have them reach out and find out how that went for them.

At the end of the day, I know you'll all keep doing what you do best, which is kicking ass at being a social worker!


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